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    CHAOTAI INDUSTRY is located in hangzhou,the capital city of zhejiang province and the famous tourist city. Headquarters is located in hangzhou xiaoshan district linjiang industrial park, It’s a comprehensive enterprise integrating research and development, manufacturing,sales and service. At the beginning of 2016,in order to provide customers more better services, we had built LINYI CHAOTAI INDUSTRY CO., LTD in Yitang town,Lanshan district,Linyi city.
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    There are many furniture and decorative sealing edges that are used for PVC edge banding. But if there is any degumming, what is the reason? Generally speaking, the...
    What is the reason for the degumming of the PVC edge card bar
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    The visual sealing strip is consistent with the color and texture of the plate, or is it consistent with the designer.Check whether the surface of the edge is smooth an...
    What are the detection methods for the edge bar?
  • How to judge the good or bad of...
    1. Look at the color of the edge and the surface roughness. The color of the good surface of the edge is also very important, whether the color is close to the customiz...
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